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These 8 pages form a connected narrative:

- 3 Worlds 4 Territories Model - Introduction
- Function of the Model
- 3 Worlds
- 4 Territories
- 8 Perspectives
- Practicing Supervision
- Case Study
- Ways of using the 3W4T model

The Felt Shift
Function of the Model

Coaching Supervision is generally seen to have three functions:

  1. Resourcing - helping the coach manage the coachee emotions which they pick up when working with coachees
  2. Development - developing the skills, understanding and capacities of the coach
  3. Qualitative - ensuring the quality of the coach's work.
The model presented here focuses on the third of these areas - and in particular on improving the quality and effectiveness of specific coaching relationships and interventions by helping the coach have new choices in their client work. However, in focusing on the Qualitative aspects, the model also leads the coach into exploring and engaging with the Resourcing and Development issues they face.

This model is based on the belief that, by getting the whole system live in the room, the supervisor can tune into the wider system and use the thoughts, feelings and other experiences that arise to provide insight into the coaching, the coach and the coachee. The system here is considered to consist of the supervision session itself, the coaching, the coachee and their workplace, as well as the supervisor and the coach. Getting the system into the room refers to evoking and bringing into awareness all these aspects either directly because they are happening in the moment or indirectly because they have been evoked through the memory, imagination and intuition of the supervisee and supervisor. The model provides a map of this system to help the supervisor direct their attention and that of the supervisee to all the relevant elements of the system.

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